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At Higher Power, safety is more than a priority, itʼs a culture. A value that is ingrained in the way we conduct our business and live our lives. The safety and welfare of our employees, subcontractors, customers, and the public come before anything else.

All of our personnel are held to the highest of expectations when it comes to working and being safe. Employees are held accountable for performing any task, from the simplest, to the most complicated, safely. In addition, all employees, regardless of position or seniority, have the responsibility to stop any operation that they believe to be a potential for harm.


We value the health and safety of our employees, clients and subcontractors. With this in mind, we continue to monitor the latest updates about the global COVID 19 pandemic. As always, we will adhere to strict requirements and will monitor the situation to ensure our employees are safe and our operations are being run safely. We are committed to minimizing business disruption and communicating proactively.



All Higher Power employees are obligated to know and abide by the safety requirements and standards for their area or job and regularly participate in on-going training exercises and safety meetings. Compliance with safety policies is a condition of employment and must be taken very seriously.
Safety and health are not at odds with productivity and quality. In fact, they go hand in hand, our workers are instructed to conscientiously follow safety rules at all times, not take shortcuts, and not endanger their own life and health or that of their coworkers.